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Child Care and House Care : bilingual services

You are in holidays in Corsica with your children and you are looking for activities for them: Zitellu&Co can provide you with the best services.
Or you wish to enjoy a nice restaurant as a couple or with your friends; you could let your children in good hands with a babysitter selected by Zitellu&Co.

Zitellu&Co is a Corsican company which offers a wide range of services related to Kids from babies to teenagers:

  • The babysitter will look after you children and come directly in your place during the time you wish her to stay. (day or night, for few hours or even days…)
  • She/He could also do the house cleaning on your demand (additional fees)

Wether you are enjoying your holidays in a camping, bungalow or if you are renting, you will be able to discuss with the babysitter all the daily tasks you wish her to respect for your kids: from the laundry to the specific hours your baby is sleeping/eating or even educational/sports activities adapted for teenagers.

We recommend you as well our partners:

  • Zitelloc’: is specialized in renting materials for children (crib, stroller, Baby chair..)
  • Zitelli : Kids’ Animation Agency, which can organize specific animations with your kids during events like birthdays, family lunch, weddings…

Zitellu & Compagnie - Les Hauts de Bodiccione - 20090 AJACCIO CORSE - 04 20 03 41 22 - contact@zitellu.fr
Garde d'enfant à domicile - babysitting - Garde régulière - garde occasionnelle - soutien scolaire - aide aux devoirs - cours particuliers
Aide aux familles fragilisées - Prêts de matériels de puericulture - Aide au ménage - Repassage - Courses à domicile - Jeux d'éveil et activités ludiques

La société Zitellu & Compagnie est cofinancée par l'Union Européenne.
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